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Fly High, Light up Life and De-stress

Three fabulous fun activities for the Family.

Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone

The Sky Viper Fury is easy to set up- and simple to figure out how to use. It's sleek, swift and perfect for everyone from the guru to the beginner. The auto hover allows for control between commands and there are plenty of stunts to try. There is also duel flight mode as well as sport flight mode. It's even safe to use indoors provided you do it on carpet and don't have too many breakables around! (And that you are easy going!!!)

Light Brite Oval

Light Brite has always been fun- and this version is way more fabulous than the one you played with as a kid. It has glowing features and is actually a perfect for Halloween or a kids bedroom before they go to sleep. It is a fun way to create beautiful art using one of the 8 HD templates and 650 mini-pegs in multiple colors. It lights up with 5 different light modes - 3 color changing patterns (fad, flash, white light) or 2 animations (slow, fast flash.) Perfect for the whole family to play with.


Got Stress? Who does not? NEE DOH squishy balls certainly take the edge off of a crazy day. Perfect for kids and parents. Plus they are super fun to toss around, take on car trips and even just have in your purse or backpack if a little one in need of distraction!

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