• Masada Siegel

Living Next Door to a Short Term Rental?

I never signed up to live next to a hotel aka Frat House...

Last night I got interviewed last night for Channel 12 by the talented Rachel Cole.... check out the video... about what AIRBNB is doing to help our weary neighbors. Now more than ever during a pandemic- it is important to stop massive parties in neighborhoods..... https://www.12news.com/article/news/local/arizona/airbnb-cracking-down-on-party-houses-in-arizona/75-3f95cc1d-711e-4d33-ac35-63bfd962bc4d

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I've traveled the globe-  set foot on 6 continents- 47 countries- met countless wonderful people like you, but Scottsdale is so beautiful I had to make it my home. Hope you find everything and more you are looking for here!


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