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  • Writer's pictureSandy Wasserman Food Editor, Secret Scottsdale

Specialty calzones available online from Calzone Connection

The recent opening of the ghost kitchen Calzone Connection is taking the stuffed pizza dough to a whole new level. From the kitchens of Crust Simply Italian in Scottsdale and Chandler calzones such as Lobster Ravioli, Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti & Meatballs can be ordered online for pick-up and delivery. There are 9 specialty calzones to choose from and start at $16 and you can build your own or order a classic with ricotta & mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. There is also a Stromboli stuffed with Italian meats, peppers onions and cheese available for $15.

Owner Michael Merendino credits his staff at Crust for the the unique combinations they created for staff meals during the pandemic. They lobbied him to put them on the menu but he felt they needed their own menu and the concept was born.

The Lobster Ravioli calzone combines the best of both worlds.... baked pizza dough wrapped around lobster filled pasta.

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