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Staycation Vacation... Activities to do with Kids when you are stuck Home because of Coronavirus.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Canceling Spring Break travel plans is starting to feel like the norm as conventions are being postponed and people are encouraged to try to avoid travel and togetherness because of COVID-19 otherwise known Coronavirus. The way I see it- it is just a matter of when- we will all be asked to stay home for a period of time.

Why not turn a negative into a positive and create a staycation vacation in your own home. So while people are busy stockpiling hand sanitizer and toilet paper, now is the time to think about what do you need in your home to keep your kids entertained and happy if you are stuck there for a few weeks.

Here are some favorites of mine for young kids.

Tiger Tribe activity sets are pre-packed creative boxes are filled with quality markers, stickers, coloring pads, paper dolls. It is an opportunity to draw, color and create with your little ones. The Vintage Paper Dolls, Dinosaurs Colouring Set, Mermaids Colouring Set ,How to Draw Fantasy are worth checking out.

For the child who likes to build, get the Hand2mind GeoSmart™ Geosphere Magnetic Set, 31 Pieces. It’s lightweight, colorful and fun to create all sorts of structures. I like magnet games because they are fun for everyone to play with and lead to creative ideas.

Another terrific option is Highlights Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures. This book is filled with over a hundred pages of images with hidden pictures. Spend time searching for the objects with your little one, and once done, use it also as a coloring book.

Thames & Kosmos I Dig It! Rocks - Real Minerals Excavation Kit

This is a fabulous activity to do with your kids, it’s simple, fun and educational. It is a fun way to teach patience, foster curiosity and an activity that can be replicated at archeological dig sites around the world. In the kit, kids can emulate geologists and dig up five different minerals from out of the soft plaster blocks. Included is the name and characteristics of the minerals and where they came from.


For your budding builder and architect, a favorite toy that happens to be engaging for adults too is Magformers which is a magnetic construction toy. It comes in a variety of styles from simple blocks to ones that create specific items. So if your child loves to build cars and trucks check out the Amazing Rescue 50-Piece Set It is a Rescue 50-Piece Set where kids can build a fire station and a fire truck. The Rescue set is a 50 piece set that comes with 24 magnetic pieces, 2 characters and emergency vehicle accessories and much more.

Spring Ages 3+ MSRP $59.99

Green Toys Tide Pool Bath Set

Green Toys are made in the USA- and are quality, sturdy, well made products. Their trucks are creative, fun and one of their newer products the Green Toys Tide Pool Bath set is perfect for the bath, beach or pool.

I also recommend having crayons, paints, paper, canvases and play doh. I also would suggest gardening supplies such as seeds, dirt and pots. Planting is a great way to mark the days that go by and see that life continue to thrive in your home, even if we are in a situation that requires people to stay home.

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