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Coronavirus Quarantine? Get Gardening with the Kids

Updated: Mar 24

As the world is slowly shutting down and so many of us are home with the kids... the more nature and outdoor time you can get- the better. Gardening is one of my go to activities. Be creative- take that old tire and paint it and put dirt in it and use it as a planter.

Simply use paintbrushes or rollers to paint and old tire and convert it into a planter.

Another thing to do- if you feel comfortable going to a gardening store- preferably an all outside one then you can buy materials to create your own veggie garden. We went to Lowes outdoor gardening section and bought planks, bricks to hold the garden together and plants and seeds... take a look...

Clear the area from rocks....

Then set up the wood/ bricks ends how you want them.

Now if you don't have seeds- be creative- see what you have in your kitchen that you can grow.... Here we had some old potatoes that we are waiting to turn into plants. Use the seeds from inside your apples. Look around your garden too. It does not matter what you plant- it is just a great activity to keep you busy and outside with your little ones.

Let them grow- they will start to turn into plants.....

Fill the area with fresh dirt if you can....

Buy Plants if you can.... We did both seeds and plants.

Get some ladybugs too- for pest control and for something to do at night for a few nights as that is when you are supposed to let them loose -in the evening. It's another fun activity in itself.

Best part- planting takes time and to see the fruit of your labors- literally it takes time- so it is a great daily activity to check on the garden and the progress the plants and seeds are making....

This is how our garden looks after we finished planting..... More fun ideas with the kids to come..... follow this website and I will be sending out emails with ideas too.... #garden #coronavirus #pandemic #gardening #activitiesforthekids #coronavirusstayhome #stayhome #howtomakeagarden #activities #kids #stayhome #coronavirusgarden #flowers #plants #sanity #home #quarantine #staybusy #nature #healing #covid19 #love

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